The Awkward & Exquisite Art of Becoming

Hey there, baby dolls! Nervous as a cat, as I’ only five days out from the official release of When Never Comes, but honestly, I’m so promotioned-out that I’d rather talk about something else. So let’s talk a little bit about the “B” word. (no, not that “B” word) I’m talking about BECOMING. It means we’re in process, not quite where we’ve set our sights, but taking definite steps to get there. Sadly, somewhere along the way, BECOMING as a state of being, has lost its schizzle. We’re only interested in BEING, landing at the summit and planting our flag. BAM! We did that. We revere the DONE, not the DOING. The PRIZE, not the PROCESS. Because the process is messy, awkward, fraught with unexpected twists and turns, perhaps even a big old belly flop. And who needs that? ANSWER: You do. I do. We all do. Because that’s how it works. We arrive in this world as pure potential, NOT a done deal. We’re meant to be glorious works in progress, never finished, always evolving… in a constant state of BECOMING. Which is why we need to get ourselves to a place where we’re okay with being in flux, and simply glory in the getting there. It can’t just be about winning the blue ribbon and taking our bow. It has to be about the climb itself, the virtue of the dream, the nobility of our blood, our sweat, and yes, sometimes our tears. Too often, we fail to begin a thing because all we see is the climb, the years it will take to get there, all those awkward fits and starts between where we are now and where we want to be, and we’re just not willing to go there. We’d rather just stay where we are and not risk the BECOMING. And we can do that. It’s our birthright to choose that kind of life, to stay safe and dry and watch life pass us by. But why would we, when we can dive into the deep end of the pool and teach ourselves to swim? It’s okay to flail, to sputter, even to sink a time or two, as long as we keep moving toward the dream. It’s called being human. It’s also called living. And it’s a choice we all came into the world to make. So here’s to BECOMING, my darlings, every messy, scary, awkward bit of it! 

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