Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.10.08 PM  I’m a Jersey girl raised in the south, now living and writing in New England. Confused? Constantly. Happy? Deliriously! But then, living your dream will do that! After fifteen years of wearing heels and schlepping a briefcase as an executive in the jewelry industry, I traded in my pinstripes for a little peace of mind, and decided to follow my dream of being a women’s fiction author. And what a ride it’s been! Five books later, I’m still pinching myself, and still as much in love with writing as I was the day I began this journey. Maybe it’s because I believe in miracles, in happy endings and new beginnings. Heaven knows I’ve had my share. 

Last year, I was blessed to marry my best friend and soul mate, Tom, who I must say, sets the bar pretty high for my on-the-page heroes. We also have a lovely ginger cat named Simon, who is wretchedly spoiled and doesn’t give a fig if I’m on deadline or not. When I’m not making up stories, you’re likely to find me reading, cooking, watching college football, (Go Gators!) or spreading a little sunshine over on The Sunshine Page. 

At the moment, I’m sitting on pins and needles, awaiting the release of novel number five, WHEN NEVER COMES, (May 1, 2018) In the meantime, I’m having a blast working on novel number six, THE LAST MOON GIRL.  

The men in my life:

IMG_20170904_165915 Tom      60928_678169725599336_5185920598870147126_n Simon


14292345_1145675825515388_3511015607694243536_n    And they lived happily every after…