Summer at Hideaway Key

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Published by: Berkley
Release Date: August 4, 2015
Pages: 416
ISBN13: 978-0451474582



Pragmatic, independent Lily St. Claire has never been a beachgoer. But when her late father leaves her a small house on Hideaway Key—one neither her mother nor she knew he owned—she’s determined to visit the sleepy spit of land along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Expecting a quaint cottage, Lily instead finds a bungalow with peeling shutters and mountains of memorabilia. She also catches a glimpse of the architect who lives down the beach….

But it’s the carton of old journals in the front room that she finds most intriguing. The journals were written by her mother’s sister, an infamous beauty whose name has long been banned from the St. Claire home. The journals tell a family tale Lily has never heard, of her mother and her aunt as young girls in Tennessee and the secrets that followed them into adulthood. As she reads, Lily gains a new understanding: about her family and about herself. And she begins to open her heart—to this place, these people, and the man next door. But can she ever truly learn to trust, to believe that love is not a trap but a harbor? And is it true that hearts, even broken ones, can be forged anew?

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“I can’t resist a story with a journal at its heart, and the journal in Summer at Hideaway Key is powerful, emotional and illuminating. Barbara Davis is a master at linking the past and present as she finds the heart of each story and weaves them together.  Summer at Hideaway Key moved me to tears, but I’ve learned to trust Barbara Davis to leave me happy. I didn’t want this book to end.”
- Diane Chamberlain, NYT bestselling author of Big Lies in a Small Town

Summer at Hideaway Key sucked me in from page one and never let go. This is a beautifully told story of family secrets, sibling rivalry, self-sacrifice, and self-discovery, and it comes with a gloriously quirky supporting cast on Hideaway Key. This book should be in every beach bag this summer!”
- Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Promise Between Us

“Another marvelous book by Ms. Davis. The characters, the setting, the atmosphere, and the storyline will keep you turning the pages and still want more. It was a glorious read up until the very last word. An absolutely wonderful read.”
– Elizabeth, Silver’s Reviews

“You can practically taste the salt in the air and feel the sand underfoot… Summer at Hideaway Key is atmospheric, suspenseful and very romantic.”
—Erika Marks, author of It Christmas Comes in Snowfall 

“Five stars! In Summer at Hideaway Key, Barbara Davis has given us a truly exciting and readable book with enough romance to please even the most discerning reader. A definite must read.”
- Open Book Society



June 21, 1953

Mims, Tennessee

Something was wrong. Bad wrong.

A rooster tail of scorched yellow earth kicked up as the pickup rounded the corner onto Vernon Dairy Road. I cut my eyes sideways at Mama, rigid behind the wheel, but bit my bottom lip to keep silent. I didn’t like the look on her face, like she’d just been told the Rapture was coming and she’d been caught off guard. But mostly, she looked tired. Beneath the streaky traces of last night’s powder, her face was pale and strained, her eyes puffy and red, though whether that was to do with tears or drink, I couldn’t say.

Both, probably.

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